3 Free Alpha Keys για το Total War Arena!

Οπως πιθανότατα γνωρίζετε, το  Total War Arena είναι σε Alpha testing! Σας δίνουμε λοιπόν 3 δωρεάν Steam Keys για να μπείτε και εσείς στο παιχνίδι!


Invite your Friends

Play together & have more fun

Battles with friends by your side are so much more fun — now’s your chance to invite a few buddies to Total War: ARENA. Below you’ll find 3 free Alpha keys; just hand them out and team up to play with allies!

1) ZIN7E-28MDQ-9I7R6
There are no limitations on these keys: They will work in any country, so you can even invite friends from countries that we haven’t officially activated yet. Instructions on how to activate the game on Steam can be found here.

More friends?

You can invite them, too!

If you want more of your friends to join you, simply tell them to sign up on the following website, and they should receive a key whenever a new spot becomes available:

Play as one of the greatest commanders of the ancient world!
Fight in 10v10 team battles on epic battlefields, such as Marathon.
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